Speaking Engagements - David C Aaronson

Speaking Topics:

Social Media Technology

How Business Can Best use Social Media 

Creating A Web Presence for The Zero Moment of Truth

LinkedIn Workshop - Getting New Business

How Video Effects Search

How Proper Mobile Sites Retain Customers

Why is Digital Marketing Spend Increasing

Effective Internet Marketing

Your Web Presence: Does it put money in the Bank?

How Business can Best use Social Media

How to Benefit from using Social Technology

 Inbound Marketing: Better Leads - Less Cost

David spoke recently at the LA Jewish Chamber of Commerce and the LA Wilshire Rotary club on the Essentials of Inbound Marketing.

David spoke on March 3rd, 2013 at the Innovations Theater at the International Housewares Association show in Chicago. Below is a link to the slide set with audio. 

Social Technologies and Digital Marketing at the International Housewares Association show in Chicago on March 3rd.

David gave a presentatoin at a large locale meet-up in Los Angeles on the subject of Goals and Buyer Personas.

David was on the Darling Show over the Internet on April 3rd being interviewed by Brian Darling and Ninon de Vere De Rosa on April 3, 2013.

David C Aaronson on The Darling Show speaking about Social Technology, Social Media and Digital Marketing

David taught a series of Advanced Classes on Business Networking for BNI:

Profitable Introductions
This workshop will define the Purpose of an Sales Manager Minute, identify and address Barriers to Overcome, and help you Define Your Business and Your Lowest Common Denominators (LCDs). You will begin actual construction of more inpactful SMMs and practice them in a group setting, and produce a small, improved ‘SMM arsenal’. 

Effective Keynote

The purpose of this workshop is to use your LCDs to develop high impact 6/8/10 Minute Keynote Presentations. You will learn the Dos and Don’ts that can make, or break, a good presentation. You will participate in the actual construction of a Keynote Presentation that you can polish and practice for your next keynote speech, using a recommended Presentation Flow Chart to design a powerful presentation. Included are tips on how to Market to build an audience of visitors to hear you speak.

Referral Mindset
The purpose of this workshop is to help the students understand the difference between a referral and a lead, how to receive consistent referrals at a higher level, and how to develop the proper “referral mindset” so that they can build their referral businesses.

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